Choose a Path That Includes Math

Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math

Parent Engagement is Important to Student Success

Choose a Path that Includes Math is an online tool kit that is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and inspiring source of information for Ontario teens and parents who are exploring choices for high school math courses.

The design of the website allows teens and parents to review the content both together and independently while making these important decisions. Of course, the entire website is a great resource for teachers as well.

The goal of this online resource and tool kit is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, and inspiring source of information for teens and parents who are making choices about high school math courses, leading to their post-secondary education and careers.

The objective of the members of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education is to improve student success at every age level. Development of effective resources is a primary task to assist with student success.

Ontario's directors of education recognize the importance of mathematics and they know from experience the value of parents engaging with their teens, emphasizing the importance of including math in high school course selections, and reinforcing the message that math is a key that can open doors to a variety of career paths.

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