Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math

Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math

When you support and encourage your child to learn, your positive approach helps influence your child's success.

This resource supports parent engagement in ways that do not involve the direct teaching of mathematics. The tool kit is designed to foster the engagement of parents of elementary students in their children's mathematics learning, and to inform, support and nourish the work parents currently do as the first teachers of their children.

A message from the Council of Ontario Directors of Education

When students understand mathematics, they are equipped with knowledge they can bring to every aspect of their lives. Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math is a tool kit for parents. It provides modules with simple, but effective methods and materials for parents. It shows you how to get involved in your children's learning, and offers guidance for working with students of different ages.

This Parent Tool Kit was developed by experts in mathematics education, with input and advice from parents and students. When families and educators join forces, students of all ages can experience greater success in their learning.

Take the time to view or download the videos and documentation that applies to the age group you are interested in. Share with colleagues, friends and family. If you are preparing a parent engagement workshop, you will find everything you need right here!

This material has been designed and prepared by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education.

Introduction - What is the Parent Tool Kit?

"Parent engagement matters. Study after study has shown us that student achievement improves when parents play an active role in their children's education, and that good schools become even better schools when parents are involved..."

Ministry of Education, "Parent Engagement"

This Parent Tool Kit was created specifically for parents of children in the elementary grades in Ontario (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8). The goal of this resource is to provide parents with the most significant research-based information to help them be the best, most knowledgeable and most confident supporters for their child's mathematics education.

You might also want to share the tool kit with other parents in your community who are struggling to find the information they need to help their children navigate the K-8 mathematics program. You can do so by using the Implementation Guide to host a parent information evening at your local school.

However you choose to use it, this tool kit will undoubtedly help strengthen your knowledge and understanding. It emphasizes the many ways in which you play an important role in your child's education. This, in turn, reinforces your child's success in mathematics with your help and support.

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