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Social media is a popular communication tool that is familiar to students. As a result, some educators are seeking ways to harness students’ love and engagement with social media and apply that to the teaching and learning process. They encourage students to take pictures of their work, exchange ideas on class bulletin boards, access high-quality websites or YouTube channels or review artefacts (e.g., interactive white board notes or computer graphics) uploaded from class activities to shared repositories. Proponents of this application of technology (in its many forms, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, GoogleDocs, Vimeo) say that it allows students to communicate more effectively with one another; builds classroom community by providing a forum in which to discuss academic and social matters; stimulates vigorous participation in rigorous and productive group projects; and, provides the flexibility for students to learn anytime. Many teachers also report that social media is a powerful resource for sharing information and saving time and duplication of effort (e.g., distributing reminders about an upcoming test or assignment deadline), and believe that it facilitates their communication to students and parents.

Through this website, K-12 mathematics/ STEM educators have an opportunity to complete a short survey to inform us about why and how they currently use social media (or not); and what would stimulate an interest in using social media (e.g., research data about its impact and reach; training; resource-bank of materials and ideas).

The website also includes camera-ready materials to share through social media; links to resources to support parent engagement in mathematics /STEM; short TED-talk style videos; and, opportunities to apply for workshops to learn practical strategies for the effective use of social media using tool-kits and resources developed by CODE.

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